What Features You Should Consider for Your CPM Platform


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Maximizing Sustainable Growth: OneStream ESG, CPM, and EPM

Maximizing performance across an organization involves a blend of methodologies, metrics, systems, and processes. Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) are crucial to this pursuit. However, to ensure a sustainable future, integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles is equally paramount. In this evolving landscape, OneStream’s ESG Reporting & Planning solution, bolstered by Sensible Machine Learning, emerges as a fundamental tool. It allows organizations to seamlessly integrate these vital elements, propelling sustainable growth and enhancing overall performance.


Key Features for an Integrated Performance Platform:

Analytical Tools

OneStream’s Integrated KPIs Dashboard: An integrated KPIs dashboard, facilitated by OneStream’s ESG Reporting & Planning solution and Sensible Machine Learning, offers a comprehensive view of real-time metrics. This not only measures traditional performance, but also assesses sustainability efforts for a balanced view of organizational success.


Data Integration

Seamless Data Integration with Sensible Machine Learning: Sensible Machine Learning, integrated within OneStream’s ESG solution, enhances data integration capabilities. It intelligently processes and consolidates complex data from multiple sources, seamlessly blending performance and sustainability data for a unified view.


Data Visualization

Visualizing Sustainability Metrics with OneStream ESG solution: Advanced data visualization tools integrated within OneStream’s ESG solution offer real-time, visually appealing representations of both performance and sustainability-related data. This enables quick decision-making, aligning sustainability efforts with organizational objectives.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Scenario Planning for Sustainable Budgeting: OneStream’s ESG solution, powered by Sensible Machine Learning, offers scenario planning capabilities tailored to sustainability goals. Organizations can model various sustainability scenarios, ensuring that budgets are aligned with both performance and ESG targets.



Financial Consolidation

Streamlined Sustainability Financial Consolidation: OneStream’s ESG solution simplifies the financial consolidation process related to sustainability. It provides seamless processing and display of financial data, aligning sustainability with the broader organizational financial planning.

Profitability Analysis

Analyzing Sustainable Profitability with OneStream ESG: By leveraging Sensible Machine Learning, OneStream’s ESG solution provides powerful tools for targeted profitability analysis related to sustainability efforts and assessment of the economic impact of sustainability initiatives.

Strategic Planning

Linking ESG Goals to Organizational Strategy: The integration of Sensible Machine Learning within OneStream’s ESG solution allows organizations to align real-time decisions with long-term strategic sustainability objectives. It creates a cohesive link between immediate responses and the broader organizational sustainability vision.

Risk Management

Customized Risk Mitigation for Sustainability: OneStream’s ESG solution, enhanced by Sensible Machine Learning, enables the customization of risk-specific metrics based on sustainability requirements. This heightened visibility empowers organizations to proactively manage risks related to their sustainability efforts.



Comparing Sustainability Performance with Industry Benchmarks: Integrating benchmarking data within OneStream’s ESG solution facilitates effective comparisons of sustainability performance against industry peers and best practices. This holistic view enables an organization to assess its progress towards sustainability.


Workflow Tools

Efficient Workflow for Sustainability Initiatives: OneStream’s ESG solution, integrated within Sensible Machine Learning, provides for efficient collaboration and workflow management specifically tailored to ESG goals. This optimizes risk-related processes related to sustainability initiatives.

Alerts and Notifications

Real-time Alerts for Prompt Sustainability Responses: Integrated real-time alerts within OneStream’s ESG solution ensure timely responses to emerging sustainability risks, while maximizing the utility of rapid data consolidation and integration within the CPM platform.

Security and Compliance

Robust Security for Performance and ESG Data: OneStream’s ESG solution, enhanced by Sensible Machine Learning, offers robust data security and access controls, including role-based access. This ensures data integrity and efficiency, critical for compliance with both performance and sustainability regulations.

Integration with Other Systems

Seamless Integration for Holistic Performance Management: OneStream’s ESG solution seamlessly integrates with various business software systems, including CRM and other essential tools, optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the CPM platform for both performance and sustainability reporting and planning.


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Compliance and Governance

Ensuring Sustainable Compliance and Governance: OneStream’s ESG solution provides integrated compliance and governance features that ensure adherence to sustainability regulations and internal policies, aligning processes with legal and organizational sustainability guidelines.

Audit Trail

Tracking Changes for Sustainable Data Integrity: The OneStream ESG platform inherently incorporates a comprehensive audit trail feature. This feature tracks changes and maintains data integrity, which is especially crucial with a large number of users and data interactions within the CPM platform.

Training and Support

Empowering Sustainable Performance through Training and Support: CompIntelligence offers comprehensive, customized training and support for effective utilization of OneStream’s ESG Reporting & Planning solution and Sensible Machine Learning capabilities.

Integrating Sensible Machine Learning within OneStream’s ESG Reporting & Planning solution marks a significant stride toward maximizing sustainable growth. The amalgamation of Corporate Performance Management (CPM), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) provides organizations a comprehensive view of their performance. As a OneStream Diamond Partner and OneStream Global Authorized Training Partner, CompIntelligence empowers organizations to seamlessly integrate and optimize OneStream’s ESG Reporting & Planning solution and Sensible Machine Learning, and to harness the full potential of the CPM platform for sustainability initiatives. Contact CompIntelligence today to explore how they can assist in onboarding and managing your organization’s transition to this powerful platform that maximizes both performance and sustainability.