Splash Las Vegas 2024

Recapping OneStream's Splash 2024: A Week of Innovation, Learning, and Inspiration

What an incredible week it was! The OneStream community gathered in Las Vegas for the annual user conference and partner summit in May, and it was packed with brilliant people, visionary ideas, and incredible opportunities. Splash never fails to impress and excite, and this year was no exception. OneStream now boasts more than 1400 clients and $460 Million in Annual Recurring Revenue, and given their rapid growth, there was inevitably a bit of nostalgia in the air. But make no mistake: OneStream’s message was entirely forward-looking. Throughout the week, the focus remained on what’s new and what’s coming. OneStream’s senior leadership explained what it means to #TakeFinanceFurther, as they shared their vision for the future of the platform. More than 3,000 prospective OneStream customers, existing customers, employees, and consultants were inspired by the biggest Splash yet, and we all left with our eyes fixed firmly on the horizon. From groundbreaking keynotes to hands-on demos, let's dive into the highlights that made this conference truly unforgettable!

OneStream co-founders Tom Shea and Craig Colby set the tone for the week by making some ground-breaking announcements and introducing a dozen new products and innovations:

  • They revealed the highly anticipated Power BI connector! This was very warmly welcomed by customers, as they’re clearly anxious to integrate their OneStream data with the visualization capabilities of Power BI.
  • OneStream announced a strategic partnership with InfinitySPM, who is bringing their deep industry experience in sales performance software to the OneStream platform. InfinitySPM’s solution provides sales and incentive compensation management, so it complements OneStream perfectly: blending sales performance data and processes with the financial data and intelligence that are already part of OneStream applications will drive new insights and efficiencies.
  • There was a strong emphasis on AI this year: OneStream explained what the new technology means for the platform, its many practical applications, and their multi-pronged approach to harness it. Clients and partners showcased their use of Sensible Machine Learning throughout the week, and the new Sensible GenAI that uses natural language to query cube data looks intriguing.
  • Narrative Reporting is a user-friendly tool that facilitates qualitative reporting in OneStream: It enables users to seamlessly create and update Word documents, enrich them with OneStream data and content, all without leaving the application!
  • OneStream has clearly invested in the user experience and was eager to show off some of those developments: The new Browser UX allows users to perform Workflow tasks and view dashboards and reports from Chrome, Edge, and Safari browsers so they can now access OneStream from their phones and tablets.
  • They also announced the release of Genesis—a set of sleek, easily-customizable set of dashboards that guide users through processes with intuitive and streamlined navigation.

Learning has always been at the core of Splash, and there was an incredible array of opportunities and topics to explore this year. From new customers just beginning their OneStream journeys to existing customers looking to understand best practices and deepen their technical skills to seasoned consultants trying to understand new functionalities, there was something for everyone:

  • On Monday, OneStream held beginner workshops on topics like CubeViews, Dashboards, and SpreadSheet. They also offered advanced courses in complex formula writing and BI Blend.
  • Product Spotlight sessions throughout the week explained how to use all the new solutions announced during the Opening Keynote.
  • Customer and partner presentations are the centerpiece of Splash: They allow the entire OneStream Community to come together and learn about the many different solutions that teams around the world are building on the platform. I saw excellent presentations on the implementation of Solution Exchange products like Transaction Matching and the Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Blueprint. These stories of success highlighted the versatility and impact of OneStream solutions, and the case studies fostered a deeper understanding of the platform’s capabilities and potential.
  • Granted, I may have a bias, but my favorite session was presented by Gifty Rampal from Bombardier and CompIntelligence’s Kevin Skeels: They demonstrated their ingenious solution to bring HFM Phased Submission into the OneStream Workflow.
  • In the center of the Expo Hall, there were 15-20 drop-in booths with OneStream experts showcasing new products. This provided a fantastic opportunity to engage directly with the product teams, ask questions, and see firsthand how the new features can be applied in real-world scenarios.
  • Throughout the conference, there were scheduled Mix-and-Meet sessions for customers in manufacturing, energy and utilities, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, software, and other industries to share their implementation experiences and OneStream roadmaps with each other.
  • Global Education Services was on hand to explain OneStream Training and Certification, and all the OneStream handbooks were available for purchase.

The most impactful moment for me, (and I suspect many others,) was Erik Weihenmayer’s Spotlight Keynote. Erik is an American athlete who lives for adventure: He was the first blind person to summit Mount Everest, and he is one of only 150 mountaineers to climb the highest point on every continent. He spoke passionately about his life, his obstacles, and his perseverance. Moreso, he explained the remarkable people that he has met along the way—the people whose courage and tenacity inspired him.   Erik’s journey led him to co-found No Barriers, an organization that seeks to “build an inclusive world for all where barriers don’t stand in the way of possibilities.” Those who attended his speech were moved, inspired, and walked away with a new perspective. He made his own epic tales of teamwork, perseverance, and accomplishment relatable and uplifting, and I won’t soon forget hearing him speak.

As I reflect on this year’s Splash, I am filled with a renewed sense of excitement and motivation. OneStream’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and community was evident throughout the event. The conference is still what it’s always been: a testament to the collaborative spirit of the OneStream community, always eager to learn and grow together.

I’m fond of saying that OneStream customers should leave Splash with a long wish list of enhancements and initiatives to start implementing immediately. And Consultants should leave with an even longer list of new technologies to learn. As we return to our applications and implementations, we are revitalized: We carry with us new knowledge, fresh perspectives, a vision for the future, and a stronger connection to the OneStream community.

Thank you to everyone who made the conference so successful, and I look forward to another incredible year and seeing how much we’ve grown by next year’s Splash 2025 in Nashville, TN!


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