OneStream and Private Equity: Perfect Together


Private equity (PE) firms face specific challenges with financial reporting and data analysis, given the complex and dynamic nature of their operations. Some common challenges include managing diverse portfolios (AUM), dealing with large volumes of financial data, ensuring accuracy in reporting, and meeting regulatory requirements.


CompIntelligence, a leader in fintech innovation since 2002, along with OneStream software, can assist PE firms in addressing these challenges.


Consolidated Financial Reporting

  • Challenge: Managing multiple funds (AUM) and portfolio companies (VIE’s), each with its own financial reporting requirements. Consolidating financial data across those entities can be complex and time-consuming.

  • Solution: OneStream offers consolidation capabilities that enable PE firms to streamline the financial consolidation process. It provides a unified platform for aggregating and reporting financial data from different funds and portfolio companies, each with varying and autonomous structures, and facilitates accurate and timely consolidated financial reporting. 


Data Integration and Automation

  • Challenge: Managing financial data from various sources, involving different accounting systems and portfolio companies. Using manual data entry and reconciliation can lead to errors and inefficiencies. 

  • Solution: OneStream supports data integration and automation. It allows PE firms to integrate data from diverse sources, automating data collection and validation processes. This reduces the risk of errors, improves efficiency, and enhances the overall reliability of financial data. 


Flexible Reporting and Analysis

  • Challenge: Adapting to different reporting requirements for different stakeholders, such as investors, regulatory bodies, and internal management (AUM & VIE).

  • Solution: OneStream provides flexible reporting and analysis capabilities. It allows PE firms to create customized financial reports tailored to specific needs. The platform’s reporting features enable dynamic and interactive reporting, supporting better decision-making and communication with stakeholders. 


Regulatory Compliance

  • Challenge: Meeting regulatory requirements. Compliance with various accounting standards and reporting regulations is especially complex in the financial industry. 

  • Solution: OneStream provides features that support adherence to accounting standards and reporting regulations. It can help automate compliance processes, reducing the risk of errors and facilitating a smoother audit process. 


Scalability and Growth

  • Challenge: Managing changes and growth in investment portfolios. Adapting financial systems to scale with the business can be a challenge. 

  • Solution: OneStream is designed to be scalable, accommodating the growth and changing needs of PE firms. Whether the firm expands its portfolio or diversifies investment strategies, the platform can be configured to support evolving financial requirements. 


User Training and Support

  • Challenge: Providing training and support to ensure that users can effectively leverage the capabilities of new financial software. 

  • Solution: CompIntelligence provides training and support services that can help PE firms implement and use OneStream effectively. This includes training staff to use the platform and optimize its features, troubleshooting issues, and providing ongoing support as needed. 


Optimize Your Financial Reporting with OneStream

CompIntelligence specializes in implementing OneStream solutions tailored to the unique needs of PE firms in terms of financial consolidation, data integration, regulatory compliance, and user support. OneStream’s unified platform can streamline your consolidation and ensure the accuracy, efficiency, flexibility and scalability of your financial reporting and data analysis. 


Take the next step and schedule a consultation today with CompIntelligence to determine if OneStream is right for your firm.